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Las Colinas Elementary School

Full information about Las Colinas Elementary School — 2200 Kinwest Parkway, Irving, Texas 75063 Texas 75063

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2200 Kinwest Parkway,
Irving, Texas

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+1 972-968-2200



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    All the one star reviews are very accurate. If you want a ghetto principal with no class and a disrespectful attitude to the parents. You found the right school. Most of the teachers act like self righteous gift to man, and have no respect for parents. They will throw attitude and disrespect and just a whole bunch of no class towards the parents. Oh and harassment. Get ready for it. Why the school district hasn’t fired most of these people is beyond me. As far as learning. They move so quickly to get through everything they really don’t care if your student falls behind, as long as they are getting through to their next lesson. And if you ask for help for the teachers to actually teach your student, you know what their job is, they will tell you to hire a tutor. Just a disgrace to the public school system.
    By S Parker, March 16, 2018
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    I chose to just copy and paste several parts of a previously posted review because it described my feelings to a T..."I cannot express how absolutely terrible the principal and teachers are. They think that all parents should be stay at home parents who don't have jobs. They've been known to call me at work many times during one day for very PETTY reasons that could have easily been handled by the school if there were any responsible adults working at the school. After talking to other parents and surrounding residents of Irving it seems that African American, Hispanic and Indian students are singled out and seem to be constantly in trouble for very petty reasons. The school seems to be good as far as education is concerned, but it is seriously lacking mature leadership. The principal and teachers have a very childlike mentality. They refuse to step up and be responsible leaders." I could not agree more with this info and these would be my exact words.
    By Mrs. Jones, December 18, 2017
  • This school has a phenomenal principal, and extremely hardworking and dedicated teachers. There is a reason this school has a 10/10 great school rating. When you have the grades and track record to back up what you're doing, then you must be doing something right.
    By Asad Amin, May 13, 2017
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